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Fees for Services in 2018


2018 Fees

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2018 should be an exciting year!  This will be the second year in the new office and i"m looking forward to working with you. 

There's a number of new things happening in the tax laws this year:

  • Increased reporting requirements for the Earned Income Tax Credit as well as Child Tax Credit - people with these credits can expect extra scrutiny as well as potentially delayed refunds.
  • A delay in receiving 1095-A, B & C forms (allowed by the IRS!) will mean people who get the Advance Premium Credit from the Healthcare Marketplace will need to wait for their forms before filing.
  • Increased scrutiny for Health Insurance compliance (under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obama Care) and an additional form or two to report health insurance
  • The emphasis from the IRS and state tax agencies on Identity Theft and other Tax Fraud requiring enhanced security and testing that may delay refunds.
  • Additional avenues for tax planning, especially for small businesses.  The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will change things dramatically for just about everyone and I'll be posting articles throughout the year as the Act's implications and interpretations are finalized - expect some technical corrections to be passed (as happens with most tax changes) to clear up confusions.

In addition, everyone should know that I'm available (almost) year-round for a consultation so your fee covers more than just your tax return.

I modify my fees based on time, complexity and demand - in addition, I annually review online Tax Preparation surveys and I try to keep things affordable for everyone while being able to cover increased expenses. Below is a listing of the most used tax forms and associated fees.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please go to the Contact Page & send me your thoughts.

2018 Fees Schedule


2018 Fee



Bookkeeping, including data entry



Tax Forms - Individuals:


Form 1040, including e-filing & 1 State form


Form 1040 A, including e-filing & 1 State form


Form 1040 EZ, including e-filing & 1 State form


Schedule A - Itemized Deductions


Schedule B - Interest & Dividends


Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business


Schedule C-EZ - short form of Schedule C


Schedule D - Capital Gains & Losses

If there are more than 20 stock transactions, I will charge bookkeeping fee for time spent on data entry in addition to the fee for the Schedule D.


Schedule E - Rental Properties

$140 per property

Schedule E, Page 2 - Non-Rental Properties


Form 4562 - Depreciation


Form 6251 - Alternative Minimum Tax


Health Care Related Forms (8962 & 8965)

Net Investment Income Tax

Earned Income Credit 





Tax Forms - Business Entities:


Form 1065 - Partnerships


Form 1120 - Corporations


Form 1120-S - Small Corporations


Form 1041 - Estates & Trusts


Form 990 - Not-for-profit Returns




Other Tax Forms:


Sales Tax


W2 / 1099 forms (no charge for transmittal forms)

$30 per form

Form 940 - FUTA


Form 941 - Quarterly Payroll Tax