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Tax Problem Resolution Services

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Working with the IRS and State/Local taxing agencies is no fun! Don't do it alone!

For many years, we've helped business & individuals get up-to-date on their tax filings and work to resolve back-owed taxes. Working with you & the IRS or State/Local Taxing Agencies, we'll attempt to minimize your tax liability through reductions in penalties & interest, offering payment plans or an Offer-in-Compromise.

Every effort will be made to reduce amounts owed, including penalties & interest but please realize there are many times the amount owed won't be reduced, despite what you hear on the TV or radio.  Avoid companies that don't fully resolve your case.

A while back, I wrote a blog post about working with tax resolution companies - recommend you read it before signing on the dotted line!

Also recommend setting up a free initial appointment with us to discuss your situation and we'll give you an honest opinion as to what we believe will happen.  A course of action will be laid out and only if you agree with our analysis will we begin to work on your case.  You can book your appointment through the button above.